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Induction Preheat and postheat

Induction Preheat involves heating the base metal to the preheat temperature, before the part undergoes additional processing. Induction Postheat heats the material after another manufacturing process.

About Induction Postheat and Preheat

Induction preheat is a process where materials or workpieces are heated by induction prior to further processing. The reasons for preheating vary. Some applications include, heating cable cores before insulation extrusion; heating steel strips prior to pickling and zinc coating; heating a metal before a bending process; heating a metal proor to a coating process; and heating painted sheet metal prior to a forming process.

With induction postheating, the heating process occurs after another manufacturing process. One application is following welding, where the postheating can relieve stresses that have developed during the welding process.

Induction Preheat and Postheat provides a number of benefits over other heating methods. Induction provides short cycle times, with immediate power on demand; the footprint of equipment is small; and its an efficient method of providing direct heat to the part, without the energy losses associated with radiant heat.

Examples of PostHeat and Preheat

  • Induction preheat steel tubing

  • Preheat for Threading

  • Induction preheating of brass rods before hot forging

  • Induction preheat magnetic steel strip

  • Preheat steel fertilizer shank

  • Induction Heating for Hot Forming

  • Preheating steel tubes

  • Preheat steel rim for welding

  • Heating an Inconel sphere with induction