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Application Testing and Evaluation

Malhotra Technologies will offer you best induction heating solutions if you send us more details about your heating request. Kind of heating system in stock with different power and frequency, we can test your parts with suitable heating coil, evaluate what you can benefit from induction heating process, it is help for you to make final decision.

Custom Design and Manufacture

We design and manufacture induction machine for a wide range of induction applications and customer’s requirement, including color, language.

Layout for complete induction production line and budget

We will trace, analyses and give heating solutions for customer’s continuous production improvement


Detailed documents for full induction heating system will been offered to you for installation, including Electric Interconnection and cooling water connection, manual etc. We can send engineer for help.

The manual with photo and video make installation easy, on line & on site technical service is also available.

Investment Analysis

Malhotra Technologies provide customer technical and economical arguments about investing in an induction heating asset for your production considering the best system configuration.

Layout for complete production line and budget can be offered for reference.

Repair & Spare parts

Provide on line & on site technical assistance for Preventive and Corrective Maintenance. Quick feedback to customer’s repair and spare parts (within 8 hours), troubleshooting guide with photo & video and on line engineer service help you repair induction generator easily. Spare parts would be available forever.

Inductor Shop

We repair and manufacture all kind of induction coils/inductors for the industry for which our equipment is intended

Inductor Shop

Induction heating equipment installation training

Processes & Applications trainings

Maintenance & Operation trainings

Customized training